Support comparison and prize list

Here is comparision about one time and monthly billed support packages and their difference. Also prices included.

All support request must be mailed to

Individuals have only per hour billing possibility

ProductOne time SupportContract based support
On-site supportXX
Remote support** ( extra cost)X
Phone supportNoX
Montly billingNoX
8-16 serviceXX
8-22 ServiceNoX
Mobile support (on-site, software)XX
Mobile support (on-site, software,also repairing)NoX
Network support ( no hardware, no sla)XX
Network support ( hardware, and sla)NoX
Support pricing
Price, it support ( hardware, sotware)*56.24€/h26.60€/mth/pc
Price, mobile support ( only phones, tablets, etc mobile)*20€/h+3.80€/device13.80€/mth/device
Network management and support*26.60€/h19€/mtn/device
Total price ( inc all support services)*86.64€/h49.90€/mtn/device
Network and ict equipment installation service*65€/hNo
** extra cost 25€/h
Minimum billing 1h always
*+Vat included only in UK
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