Secure remote office as a service, SROAAS

One of our latest innovations is secure remote office as a service concept. In this concept, all data handling from writing a document to software usage, desktop usage and servers are fully virtualized and secured with a dual layer VPN networking and traffic is protected with multi layer firewall system . What does this mean, as a service?

Let me tell you:

Secure remote office as a service means in short fully virtualized desktop environment, with all needed software and server resources, and they are working secured vpn network based environment and that all parts of this system is rented like any other service, and it is included:

-All software services, planning, deployment, desktop software updates, update

testing and deployment.

-System planning, testing, desktop template creation and deployment

-System setup and management

-User support, on-site and remote

-Installation of Raspberry pi based thin client desktops, testing and support

-Network, VPN and network management, setup, testing and device

configuration and testing

-Server installation, management, support, and backup services.

With all this parts, we can create safe and efficient environment with full user support and it can be also reached outside office, but still have same security as inside office.

To put it really simple: You can just concentrate to do your work, and let our team handle the technical stuff behind the scenes.

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